FIADD recognizes that certain values are fundamental to les arts du déplacement: we recognize the importance of embodying these values continually during our work.

Opportunities and what others might perceive as obstacles surround our community as a whole in much the same way as they surround individual practitioners. FIADD works towards mastery of the societal and institutional surroundings of les arts du déplacement for the benefit of all. We are mindful of the need for constant progression. We aim to be strong in order to be useful and to last.


Those who are prepared to commit themselves to the disciplines that make up les arts du déplacement have traditionally been met with the respect and support of knowledgeable mentors. FIADD aims to provide knowledge and support – with humility – to its members. FIADD is open, inclusive and mindful of all who work hard to push the arts of movement forward.


FIADD’s Committee is committed to facilitating the sharing of ideas and information and actively assisting in the development and growth of parkour / freerunning worldwide. Principally, the FIADD Committee looks after:-

  • The world-wide development and spread of parkour / freerunning ;

  • The creation and enhancement of structures of activities, organisation and education in all FIADD Member Organisations ;

  • International standards for the practise, coaching and reputation of parkour / freerunning ;

  • Protecting and disseminating the values, ethics and spirit of parkour / freerunning.

The FIADD Committee works to a two year business plan. This plan details the strategic directions, key priorities, strategies and tasks that will be addressed by the Committee over the coming planning cycle.